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    Thanks so much for the great reassurance, friendly welcome and non-judgemental advice today. My little lady is 3 months old so I felt a bit silly asking for help, thinking we should have had it sussed by now. However, as she grows and needs more milk, it makes sense that how to feed her also changes.
    Thanks again!

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    Just wanted to thank Debbie so much for helping me and showing me the technique; she solved all my problems in minutes! The advice that I received from Dominique also helped enormously. It was amazing as I had lost hope of ever being able to feed my baby myself and was mainly bottle feeding up until that point. I was then able to breastfeed all the time and it is now so easy. This service is invaluable to people who don’t believe they can carry on/ find it too painful and just a few minutes can change the whole outcome of how you feed your baby in the first months. Thanks again.

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    After 5 weeks, breastfeeding was still painful for me and getting worse. My heath visitor advised me to visit a support group and locally BBB had just started in my village, Fair Oak. I went along and described my difficulties and Debbie diagnosed my baby boy with a tongue tie. Finally! We had something we could fix. Dr Rodd at Winchester snipped it and we’re now doing really well.

    I’m afraid if I hadn’t received the support of BBB Ben would now be on formula and I wouldn’t have found out what all the fuss was about – it turns out breastfeeding is actually a lovely experience to share with your baby once it’s going well. I’m really glad I got the help we needed to enjoy this experience, especially as I really believe it’s the best start I can give Ben.

    Thank you!

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    I started coming to BBB when I was pregnant with my second child. I got some great support and advice from Debbie & Maddy, so much so it inspired me to become a Mother Supporter. It is so rewarding knowing that your life experiences and knowledge can help a mum continue her breastfeeding journey. Unfortunately due to other commitments in my life I was unable to complete the Breastfeeding Counsellor Training. I miss all the ladies at BBB and I wish them all the success, they really deserve it 😀

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    I started popping along to Breastfeeding Babes when I was pregnant with my second child for bra fitting and suchlike. After she was born, I was a regular visitor until we moved away from the area when she was 8 months old.

    Our breastfeeding journey hasn’t been easy and I largely have Debbie to thank for the fact that, at 10.5 months, we are still breastfeeding today. If it hadn’t been for her dedication, hard work, persistence and friendship, I’m not sure we would’ve managed to carry on. She spotted a posterior tongue tie that was causing huge amounts of pain for me and Dom arranged a referral to a clinic to have it divided. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Debbie, Dom and the others that we may have given up (although my own persistence and bloody-mindedness played a part too!)

    Thank you, thank you thank you. xxx

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    I initially came to the group, when my 2nd son was 4weeks old, to meet people who had babies of a similar age and were breastfeeding. I came regularly over the next 11months – weekly to start with, then fortnightly, then monthly – until I went back to work. It’s a great place to step away from the hub-bub of family life, have some quiet time and focus on your baby and it’s basic needs.

    Being among other people who are breastfeeding gives great reassurance even if you don’t have any particular problems – there’s always someone there who’s been through whatever this week’s niggle is.

    I learnt lots I didn’t know previously about breastfeeding. I’ve recently been back to talk about stopping breastfeeding (Merric’s almost 14months now) and what might happen when I go away for a week without him. Glad to say all the info was very positive and it’s taken a weight off my mind knowing that I’m likely to be able to continue feeding him when I get back if he wants to.

    Big thanks to Beth, Caroline, Debbie, Dom and Helen!

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    As a first time mum, nothing can prepare you for the experience of breastfeeding. I’d been to an ante-natal workshop and thought I knew what to do, but when my son arrived I found out we both had a lot of new skills to learn. Debbie, Caroline and the team were so supportive in helping us – from the technical issues of getting a good latch and comfortable positioning, to the more practical issues such as what to wear so that you don’t expose your boobs or saggy tummy in public (an M&S vest with stretchy straps under a loose T-shirt, if you’re wondering)!

    7 months on, I’m really enjoying feeding my son and meeting new people who come along to the group.

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    I visited BBB when I was pregnant and started going weekly pretty soon after Archie was born. Debbie and Caroline were so helpful and encouraging, enabling me to carry on when I doubted myself!!! I’m still breastfeeding Archie who is 10 months old and it feels amazing to have given my baby the best start in life. Even if you have no problems with breast feeding I would recommend the group as there’s always wee tips and it’s lovely to socialise with like-minded mums.

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